E-commerce Regulations

Last modified: 3/2010

Since 21 August 2002, the UK's E-commerce Regulations state that certain information relating to a UK registered company's operations must appear on their website.

Even if your website is informational only, it is prudent to include this information anyway, as the definition of ecommerce is not that clear. Business gained via your website, even if not transacted on the web, may fall under the ecommerce banner.

In any case, most of this information is now required under the Companies Act since 31 December 2006.

The following is the minimum information that must be made available to the public:

Registered company name

Per the Companies House registration.

Companies House Webcheck Service

Registered office address

Per the Companies House registration.

Companies House Webcheck Service

Company registration number

Per the Companies House registration.

Companies House Webcheck Service

Place of registration

Typically: "Registered in England and Wales"

Trading name

In the form:

ABC Ventures is a trading name of ABC Limited

Email address

It is NOT sufficient just to include a contact form.

Geographical address

The address the company trades from, but may be omitted if you are a company and your registered office address is included.

Trade or professional membership details

Details of membership including membership/registration number.

Regulated profession details

(i) the details of any professional body or similar institution with which the service provider is registered;

(ii) his professional title and the member State where that title has been granted;

(iii) a reference to the professional rules applicable to the service provider in the member State of establishment and the means to access them

VAT number

Required under VAT registration rules.

What prices include

It must be made clear what prices include, such as vat, packaging and delivery.

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ITw3 Web Solutions is a trading name of ITw3 Limited

Registered in England and Wales

Registered office: Churt Lea Cottage Thursley Road Farnham GU10 2LQ

VAT registration No.
GB 974 3956 68

All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate

ITw3 Web Solutions

The Studio
Churt Lea Cottage
Thursley Road
GU10 2LQ

tel. +44 (0)1428 788242

mob. +44 (0)7788 883230

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