How to enable Javascript

You've probably arrived here because Javascript isn't enabled on your browser, so you didn't see the slideshow on a web site created and hosted by ITw3.

Javascript is required for many special effects on modern web sites and greatly enhances the user's browsing experience.

Turning on Javascript will enable the full functionality of ITw3 web sites.



  • Tools | Options | Content | Enable Javascript

Apple Safari?

  • Safari | Preferences | Security | Enable Javascript


  • Remove the "-disable-javascript" parameter from the shortcut that launched the browser.

Internet Explorer?

...but if you really want to stay with Internet Explorer...

  • Tools | Options | Security | Custom level | Scripting | Active scripting | Enable


Q. Is it safe?

A. Enabling Javascript while browsing ITw3 websites is absolutely safe.

Q. What about non-ITw3 websites?

A. It is safe to use Javascript on the majority of corporate and personal websites. However, some websites do contain malicious Javascript and ActiveX code, and these sites should not be accessed at all.

Q. How will I know?

A. The easiest way to assess if a website is safe to access, is to search for it on Google, and Google will display a green tick next to the result if they deem the site is safe from malicious Javascript or ActiveX code.


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